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Cosmetic Teeth Bonding

by Solis Dental on Apr 8, 2021 11:53:00 AM
Solis Dental

Cosmetic teeth bonding is a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to get a great smile. In this procedure, your dentist applies a tooth-colored resin to one or more teeth to improve its appearance.

Teeth bonding is a great alternative to veneers, in that it is less expensive and it allows you to keep more tooth enamel. Cosmetic teeth bonding also looks natural – your cosmetic dentist can select the exact shade to match the color of your teeth.

Tooth bonding repairs a number of cosmetic issues that ruin the appearance of a smile. The cosmetic dental procedure can correct minor gaps between teeth, for example, or cover severely discolored or decayed teeth. Dental bonding can also correct irregularly shaped, chipped, fractured, or cracked teeth.

About the Cosmetic Teeth Bonding Procedure

The cosmetic teeth bonding technique requires a considerable amount of skill and expertise on the part of the dentist, but is a very easy procedure for the patient. First, your dentist will select a resin that matches the color of your teeth. Next, your cosmetic dentist will use special tools to roughen the surface of the tooth. Local anesthesia is usually not necessary for surface repairs.

The dentist will then apply a liquid that will help the bonding resin stick and adhere to your teeth. Your cosmetic dentist molds the resin into the form and shape that blends with the rest of your teeth. The dentist smoothes the resin to create a natural-looking surface. Finally, your dental professional will shine a bright light onto the treated tooth for several seconds to harden the resin.

The entire procedure is relatively quick, taking 30 minutes to an hour. The length of the procedure depends largely on the number of teeth treated and the amount of preparation or shaping a tooth requires.

After teeth bonding

After you undergo cosmetic bonding, your teeth may feel sensitive. To reduce sensitivity immediately after the procedure, take over-the-counter pain relievers as needed and eat only soft foods.

You will need to take special care of the bonded teeth. Since the bonding is not as strong as your natural tooth enamel, avoid eating hard foods or candy.

The resin used for dental bonding is not as stain resistant as your enamel either, and unlike your natural teeth, bonded teeth cannot be whitened. This is because teeth whitening works by seeping into the pores of the teeth; the resin used for tooth bonding is not porous, so the teeth whitening agents cannot penetrate the surface of a bonded tooth. For the best cosmetic results possible, undergo teeth whitening just before you have dental bonding.

To keep your bonded teeth looking their whitest, brush and floss twice a day and avoid consuming red wine, soft drinks, coffee, and other stain-causing foods and drinks.

Is cosmetic teeth bonding right for me?

Cosmetic teeth bonding may be right for anyone who wants to correct cosmetic dental issues, such as minor gaps between teeth, stained teeth, or teeth that are chipped, misshapen, chipped, fractured, or cracked. The process works best for healthy teeth that have suffered only a mild injury or damage. The aesthetic appeal of cosmetic teeth bonding may last longer for those committed to caring for their teeth through good dental hygiene and avoiding stain-causing or hard foods.

Cosmetic teeth bonding makes it easier to invest in your smile, and to have more confidence when you smile. For more information about teeth bonding, contact your cosmetic dentist.

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